DesignerStone LTD  

Bespoke Polished Concrete Worktops, Shower Trays, Sinks, Wall Panels, Floor Tiles, Bar tops, Receptions and much more....

Bespoke concrete polished floor tiles, UK, London


Our polished concrete floor tiles 

are made in different sizes, colours and polishing levels.

We offer easy installation

and good quality of our products.

Our tiles are sealed against dirt and liquids.


1000mm x 1000mm (25-30mm thick).

600mm x 600mm (20-25mm thick).



Special offer from DesignerStone

We can Guarantee you  the cheapest price starting from £60 per square meter - absolutely Bargain! 
Please contact us TODAY!! to find out your price!   
We can produce variety of colours which you can find HERE.