DesignerStone LTD  

Bespoke Polished Concrete Worktops, Shower Trays, Sinks, Wall Panels, Floor Tiles, Bar tops, Receptions and much more....

DesignerStone Ltd is a concrete products manufacturer who specializes in production of high quality bespoke concrete items such as worktops, floor tiles, sinks, shower trays, wall panels, fireplaces and more.

Concrete is becoming very popular because of the modern and rustic look.

Main advantage of concrete is also the way it is made, shapeless concrete mix can be cast into the mould and create almost any shape. Each of the projects is unique, based on client's specific requirements and so has a unique finish and appearance. During the production process we try to ensure a uniform appearance and trim for the entire project. 

We deliver high quality surfaces ready for work.