DesignerStone LTD  

Bespoke Polished Concrete Worktops, Shower Trays, Sinks, Wall Panels, Floor Tiles, Bar tops, Receptions and much more....

  • Delivery
The client must reserve a place for the parking of a large van close to the delivery address because many of the items we produce (especially worktops) are very heavy and cannot be carried over long distances. DesignerStone Ltd will strive to meet delivery dates given, please note these dates are not given as a guarantee or part of the contract agreed. DesignerStone LTD will write to the Client about the supply and installation 4-5 days earlier. The customer is obliged to adjust to for the proposed date. 
If the client has only paid for the delivery;
- DesignerStone Ltd will send only a driver and the client will need to supply an appropriate amount of men in order to unload goods safely.
- Delivery of product/s to a location or site requires appropriate and safe access to carry product/s from vehicle to place of installation.
Please note that  Designerstone LTD reserves the right to change the delivery date or time due to any kinds of accidents e.g. van failure or production faulty. Our consultant will inform you about situation as soon as it is possible. We will arrange new delivery date and time for first available date. We cannot offer you any refunds when your date or time has been changed due to any unexpected issue. 

  • Installation

- Delivery of product/s to a location or site requires appropriate and safe access to transfer product/s from vehicle to place of installation. When fitting wastes, allow silicon to seal and the retaining nut must be bought up to the underside of the basin. This nut must not be over tightened as this may damage the product. A tolerance of ± 5mm is possible on all measurements taken due to the nature of concrete. Post installation the products should be left alone for 48 hours to allow the glue used to bond the worktops to the cabinets to set. In the case where the client has paid for installation;

- DesignerStone Ltd will supply maximum of 3 people to carry the products on the day of installation (unless agreed otherwise beforehand).

- For worktops over 2000x600mm Client needs to provide enough people to lift and carry them safely.

- DesignerStone Ltd reserves the right to refuse delivery to a location or site if access is deemed unsafe.

- Installation does not include electrical, gas, plumbing or jointing works.

- We always keep tolerance of 2-5mm from each side of the worktop.

- Concrete is like a natural stone so it is normal that some natural processes may occur, which can cause small changes in shape of the worktop each side and slight bending up to 5mm. That is a part of the appeal of concrete and not a flaw, so it is not covered by our warranty.

For the installation we need you to:

- have any worktops taken off, all cabinets need to be clean and ready, placed in position and in level, stable and mounted permanently for the installation, you also need to have any sinks, taps, hobs taken off.

- it would be appreciated if plumber would be already there to install sink,

- before we start any installation there has to be a client with us or somebody who is also entitled to make any unpredictable decisions

- please make sure that there is a car park place for our workers to park a van

-we need help with unloading the van can you please make sure that there are some people already waiting.

If any of the following will take place client has to pay another £300 for a new delivery.

After the installation a Delivery and Acceptance Protocol must be signed by a buyer or any person authorized by the buyer – please note that such person is also responsible for giving the paperwork directly to the buyer.

If by any reason there is no person to sign the Delivery and Acceptance Protocol it will be presumed that the protocol is accepted by the buyer.

All complaints and issues regarding the installation process must be reported on side directly to our operatives. No such complaint will be taken into consideration after they leave the side.

  • Templating

If the client orders a template then must ensure that all base units in the kitchen are in position and in level, so the worktops can be installed correctly and in their final place, as the templates will be made to reflect the positioning on the day. DesignerStone Ltd Templator will take photos of the complete layout with the actual templates as evidence of this.

Cut out prepared for under-mounted sink is always 2-5mm smaller than the needed cut out, due to irregular edges of under-mounted sinks.

All sinks with basic cut out are square (without rounded corners), however on a request of a client and with a small additional cost we can make radiuses on the corners.

It is essential that all changes must be always confirmed before the production process begins. If not, then the client will need to pay all costs caused by any additional work.

Client is responsible for all the things written below, so we can make our template properly: Cabinets need to be ready in position and in level. You also need to know any measurements of any tap holes, hobs, sinks etc. Any current worktops should be taken off. Please also make sure that you will confirm already made template by signing one of our documents, which is necessary for us to start our work. If any of these restrictions will not be prepared when our employees will arrive then we have a right to decline the template and client will have to pay for another template appointment on a different date.

  • Production

Making the polished concrete items takes at least 2 weeks depending on the size/complexity of the project, it also depends on how busy the production schedule is at the time of placing the order. A start date and estimated production time for orders will be confirmed once deposit has been received. Production times are given as an estimate only due to the bespoke nature of our products. DesignerStone Ltd will not accept any liability for the delays caused by the manufacture of products ordered, including penalties and costs. Products in some instances may be delivered before completely dry so the colour can be darker. Pieces will change to their natural colour in time and it can take few weeks. Please note that care must be taken as the product can be more susceptible to staining during drying time.

  • Samples

Samples are available free of charge. Samples are just an example of mix, design, colours and texture and are provided as guidance only, differences in tone will occur in the final product. It usually takes about 3 to 7 days to deliver the samples, depending on whether they are in stock. We can also make any special samples on client's request however such samples cost extra.

Please note that sheen and polishing are always unique for each sample and depend on individual casting and mix. Samples are also not sealed the same way as the final product.

  • Storage Rates

If payment for products is not received within time scales stated within DesignerStone's terms and conditions, storage rates of £20 per day will be added to the cost of product/manufacture. Products will be stored for a period of 30 days from the production completion date. After that period of time DesignerStone Ltd reserve the right to dispose of product(s) as deemed appropriate.

  • Tiles and Panels

All tiles are made on request of the client. Tiles 600mm x 600mm and under are about 15mm thick (please note that we need to keep +/- 3mm tolerance), all above that size are 30mm thick. Panels are about 10mm thick (also with +/- 3mm tolerance).

For all our products we need to reserve the rights of the tolerance which is +/- 3mm.

  • Surface Texture

The manufacture of polished concrete products involves a complex casting process when liquid concrete becomes a solid form. During this process DesignerStone Ltd aim to control and monitor all of the stages, but due to the nature of the procedure and concrete as a material, variable outcomes will occur in colour and surface texture.

These idiosyncrasies are an integral part of the character of concrete and are considered to be part of the appeal and not flaws. Typical characteristics of concrete products may include: bug or blow holes, non-structural hairlines crack and patina. Small knock outs may occur along the edges of some products, although this is a typical characteristic of concrete. Please note that production process can cause slight discolouration because the reinforcements that are placed inside the concrete make the material thicker. Such discolouration should disappear after few weeks from the installation. In multiple casts (i.e. worktop sections) colour variation may occur, surface details will differ as will the character of each component.

Due to the nature of concrete, movement, shrinkage and slight bending may occur during the casting process altering the shape the product. If fitting is part of the order placed, DesignerStone Ltd will endeavour to equalize any shape differences. Product edges may vary in degree and in some causes the aggregates may be visible, this is part of variable nature.

  • Cut Outs

Specific details and cut out sizes must be provided by the client/contractor in order for production to run within given lead times. The client will then be responsible for the dimensions of these cut outs.

Please note that hairlines may occur around the cut outs. They have no influence on the concrete's quality or durability and are not in the structure of the material, they are just a visual feature of concrete surface.

  • Remake

Products will be replaced in the unusual event of being damaged in transit or has been made incorrectly. The lead time of the replacement will require no less than the manufacturing time given for the original order. DesignerStone Ltd will strive to meet delivery dates given, please note these dates are not given as a guarantee or part of the contract agreed. DesignerStone LTD will notify the Client about the supply and installation 3-5 days earlier (including weekends). The customer is obliged to fit up for the proposed date.

DesignerStone LTD can make a product again but DesignerStone will not pay for all costs incurred by the replacement of the product, such as: people needed to unload, install and deinstallation of the sink, hob etc. and other kitchen equipment.

The rules are exactly the same as requested on first delivery and installation. Client is responsible for providing the proper access to the worktop and cabinets. If something has been installed (i.e. tiles etc.) Client is responsible for removing it for the installation of the product provided by DesignerStone LTD.

The client must also reserve a place for the parking of a large van close to the delivery address because most of the items we produce (especially worktops) are heavy and cannot be carried over long distances.

DesignerStone LTD writing to the Client about the supply and installation notify 3-5 days earlier (including weekends). The customer is obliged to fit up for the proposed date. In the case where the client has only paid for delivery; - DesignerStone Ltd will only send out a driver and the client will need to supply an appropriate amount of manpower in order to unload goods safely.